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Post Practice Interview with Titans DE Jacob Ford

I had the chance to catch up with Jacob Ford in the locker room after practice yesterday.  

On how it felt to be back out there today

It's good to be back around teammates, working on the same goal.  Getting better.  Hoping to win the AFC South Championship.  That's our first goal and this is our first step towards it.

On his ankle injury at the end of practice

I'm fine.  It's nothing major.  One of those things that everybody has to deal with.  I'll be alright.

On having another big year

I think I've had a big year yet.  I'm still working towards that.  Hopefully all the work I've done in the past and I'll be doing in the future will go together to help me have a big year, to help my team.

On if he will be more involved in the rotation this year

That's what I'm working towards.  I can't say what I'll be doing.  All I can say is that I will be working hard and working toward being a big part of our defense.

On if the defense is ready to have a bounce back year

I know a lot of guys don't think what we saw on the field was us, but we have to prove that wasn't us.  We have to go out there and put our best out there every play, every snap, every game.  That's our goal.