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Titans LB Stephen Tulloch's Post Practice Press Conference

On his role in stepping up as a leader

I always try to lead by example.  The vocal guy, Keith (Bulluck), has left here now and I am going to try and take that on my shoulders and do what it takes to get this team going.  To get this defense where it needs to be.  A lot of these guys are younger so they are going to need experience but I think through training camp and practices guys will catch on and get going from there.

On Will Witherspoon

He's a professional.  He's a guy that has been in the league for a while now.  He understands the game of fooball so that's always a good thing.  The more and more practice he gets the better he will understand our defense and he will be alright.

On your workouts in Miami

It's unbelievable the training I had in Miami.  I got 2 great trainers down there that train a lot of guys across the NFL.  We worked hard 5 days a week so the training was never an issue.  It's good to be back here getting ready to play ball.