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Happy 4th of July: Remembering Steve McNair

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The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays, but it will never quite be the same for me after the events of the July 4th, 2009.  I was on the lake on a boat with some friends when I got the news.  I picked up my phone and I had voicemails from my dad, August, and gramsey.  I knew something Titans related had to be going on, but I had no idea what I was about to find out.  The moments that followed were filled with shock and confusion.  I will never forget sitting and watching tv for the rest of the night stunned as the details slowly began to came out.

It was a tough one for me, as I am sure it was many of you, because Steve McNair was the first sports hero in my city.  I will always remember how he brought this city together on numerous occasions, whether it was the Super Bowl run and final drive of the 1999 season, or just watching him pull himself off the turf time and time again.  He was the type of football player I would want to be if I were in the NFL.

It was also tough because of the events surrounding his death.  I wanted (and still want) to remember Air McNair for all of the good he did in the community, but that was tough as the details surrounding his murder came out.  We all know at this point he was not a saint, but I will always remember him for the way he played football and the good he did in the community.

So today during your cookouts and fireworks shows, stop for a minute and remember Steve McNair.  Also, please take a minute to say a prayer for his family because you know this is going to be a really tough day for them.

Please leave any memories you have about last 4th of July or Steve McNair as a football player below.  Also, take a couple of minutes to read this column by Clay Travis about how there should be a statue honoring McNair at LP Field.  I couldn't agree with him more.