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Titans QB Vince Young's Post Training Camp Press Conference

On how the practice went

Up and down.  A little rusty on everybody's part, but you know how it is the first day of camp.  I am pretty sure tomorrow be much better day.

On having CJ back

He 's so quiet today.  Just like him.  He's getting back in the motions as well but at the same time pretty much everybody from offense and defense everybody getting back to rhythm.  I feel like tomorrow will be a better day.  It will be more progress.

On this season

I feel excited, very excited.  Fifth year for myself as well as some of the other guys that came in with me as well as some of the veteran guys.  We are excited, very excited but we take it one day at a time.

On the catches in today's practice

Oh yeah.  Just like we getitng back into rhythm, carrying OTA's out here into training camp.  We still got a long way to go.  It was a warm day.  A lot of guys had to run their (conditioning) test today so a lot of legs were heavy, but get in the cold tub and rejuvenate your body back where you need to be. 

On Kennedy Pola leaving and Dowell Loggains taking over as QB coach

Dowell is a very smart guy.  He knows the offense.  I think he came in the same time I came in.  Just sitting with him today, his notes, seeing him as a QB coach today, making sure we got the work that Coach Heimerdinger and Coach Fisher wanted.  Working on the snap count and those types of things.  It's funny seeing him in there though. 

On why it is funny seeing Loggains in there

Me and Dowellgot a relationship.  We joke around a little bit.  Me and him messing around with coach Norm Chow when he was here, and now seeing how serious he is, very serious, making sure he's taking care of his business.  That's a good thing.

On how much better he feels coming into his 5th season

I feel very comfortable.  I am kind of like an extra coach, an extra voice for Coach Heimerdinger.  When someone runs the wrong route or if we have a blitz our guys need to adjust a little quicker.  I couldn't even do that two years ago.

On the skill guys

A lot of speed.  A lot of determination.  Guys hungry.  Just seeing how Lavelle's stepping up, Dominque's doing a great job, Nate Washington'scoming around more comfortable with the offense and you know what Gage can do already.  We got CJ in the backfield and Ringer doing a great job.  We looking pretty good on offense.  We just keep working every day and keep getting better and better.

On the importance of having CJ here on the first day of camp

We were doing a great job without him in OTAs.  Getting more chemistry and getting better.  Just to see him getting in here and getting in rhythm and getting him caught up with what we were doing, he'll be there.  He's already doing alright, but I know he will do a great job once he gets back into his rhythm. 

On not having guys like Kyle VandenBosch and Keith Bulluck in camp this year

Yeah, it'sdifferent.  You don't hear Keith Bulluck yelling and making noise, things like that.  Guys like myself, Stephen Tulloch and Cortland Finnegan, it's our 5th year, we picked up a lot leadership roles since those guys were hear.  Guys like Ahmard Hall, Witherspoon as well.  We got a lot of new guys, but they can be the new leaders.

On what the commissioner told him and what he learned from all that

Like I said, I learned from my mistake and moving on from it.  He understands that.  He knows what type of potential I have and what type of leader I can be for the whole NFL.  Left it at that.

On if his goal is to never have to go meet with the commissioner again

Yeah.  That's my goal

On what he will be working on in camp

Everything that I have been doing in OTA.  Getting more accurate and more comfortable.  Getting better and better, more mature.  Knowing what is going on with the defenses and what they are trying to do to me.