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Keith Bulluck's Guaranteed Money is $150,000

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Nope, you didn't misread that.  The deal that Keith Bulluck signed with the Giants paid him a signing bonus of $150,000 according to Pro Football Talk:

Per a league source, the veteran defender received a signing bonus of $150,000.  He'll be paid a base salary of $855,000.

Bulluck also is eligible for a roster bonus of $100,000; it's unclear when the roster bonus is due to be paid.

I was sick when I heard that the deal was for just $2.5 million, but to see that the Giants could cut him before the season starts and only be out $150,000 just makes me furious at the Titans organization. This is not a situation where they can use the "he's not the player he used to be" excuse, because you know what, he didn't get paid like the player he used to be. He got paid like a veteran at the end of this career when his skills have diminished.

So I guess they were unwilling to bring him back because they are loaded with young guys with talent that need to be out there playing- nope, that's not it either. They have Gerald McRath, who is suspended for the first four games of the season, and David Thornton who hasn't been healthy in a long time.

At this point it isn't even a business decision. I don't know what kind of decision it was, but from where I am sitting it just looks like a decision that will make the Titans a worse football team in 2010.