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A Sad Day: Keith Bulluck Signs with the New York Giants

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I have been living in denial that this day was coming, and now that it is here I really don't even know what to say.  ESPN is reporting that Keith Bulluck has signed with the New York Giants after "nailing" a private workout for them at the Meadowlands.

Bulluck has this to say in the above linked article about what he was hearing from the Titans:

"I asked a couple coaches, and I actually asked the general manager what was up with me," Bulluck said. "And I never got any clear answers. So that told me right then and there what was up. And I understand. It's a business thing. They've got to see how I'm going to be in six or seven months when my injury's healed."

I also understand that it is a business, but that just isn't how you treat a guy that has been the face of the franchise for a decade. I guess it was silly for me to expect anything else though..