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Tennessee Titans Whenever I Get To Them Links: Titans Offensive Line With 40% More MCM Edition

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Tennessee_titans_30x21 With Chris Johnson signed and ready for camp, it's time for him to get comfortable with out tweaked interior of the offensive line. Although there's only one new face (LG Leroy Harris), and one other transitioning starter (C Eugene Amano), the Titans coaches are very confident that the result will be a better offensive line than the one that has been a dominant force for the past several years. Harris is a veteran who the Titans had pegged as a future starter two years ago, so he shouldn't have a lot of growing pains. The key now will be getting CJ2K and Vince comfortable with the new canter and the inevitable slight change in tempo that personnel shifts cause. Really though, any line built around Michael Roos, David Stewart and Jake Scott should be in the elite category even if Superhorn and gramsey were playing center and left guard.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Majuscule eschewer oilertitan points us toward this Mike Lombardi article where he lays out each team's blue chip and red chip players/coaches. It's a good read, but you can only put so much stock in any list that puts Jeff Fisher and Tony Brown in the blue chip category. Brown is a very good player, but not a blue chip, and I think you all know why Jeff Fisher isn't in that category any more.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Get ready to add 5th-round safety Robert Johnson to the list of rookies who have a signed and are ready for camp. Johnson tweeted yesterday that the deal was done and just ready for a signature.

Close your eyes and jump...

Tennessee_titans_30x21 I would say you should go vote in this ESPN Sportsnation poll asking if CJ2K will make a run at the single season rushing record, but that might be throwing support at Colin Cowherd and I'm just not comfortable with that. But, it's a free country.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Last year the Saints did what I always thought would be impossible: they got Mark Brunell a Super Bowl ring (in addition to being the back-up QB, Brunell was the holder). This year it's former-Titan Patrick Ramsey who will get the chance to win a ring by holding a clipboard and patting Drew Brees on the hiney.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 In other former-Titan news, ex-practice squad staple Cary Williams, now with the Ratbirds, has been suspended for two games for an undisclosed violation of the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy. The offense apparently happened while Cary was a Titan, and the Ravens were aware of it when they signed the cornerback... I think that makes at least 4 ex-Titans CBs the Ravens have signed in the past 5 years.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Certified non-football genius TBL still makes the argument that Reggie Bush deserved the Heisman over Vince Young in 2005 because he had exciting highlights. Sure, all Vince Young did was carry his entire offense, and the team, to a perfect record and an unbelievable combination of rushing and passing totals (4,041 total yards, 38 TDs and a 163.95 passer rating). This is the equivalent of preferring a donut over a steak because you like the glaze. It was a dumb voting result then (largely driven by ESPN pole-jocking, IMO), and it's a dumb position to hold now.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 A few weeks ago we covered the previously quiet role a scouting service called National plays in establishing the baseline grades for college prospects for the majority of teams' scouts. Now, Andrew Perloff takes a closer look at what they're saying about the best guys eligible for the 2011 draft. Interesting notes are that the LT crop is looking weak, the QBs are looking strong (save for Case Keenum, who could be the latest record breaker to get no NFL love) and the DE position should see a boost after an overall weak showing last year.


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