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Titans Give Chris Johnson A $2.5 Million Band-Aid

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Crisis averted! CJ2K will be in camp on time, as the star running back and the Titans have agreed on an offer to revise his 2010 salary to a little over $2.5 million (via Schefter). First impressions are that it's a definite win for the Titans, who probably have the clips of our boy stating publicly he wanted seven times that amount running in their office with a Saved by the Bell laugh track behind it.

In the end (presuming this whole deal doesn't go to hell in a hand basket), CJ2K's hold-out made for more off-season fodder than it did for actual impact. He's already missed OTA's, but there was nothing to be gained by him being there. Plus, quite frankly, I'd rather him have a longer rest this off-season after the back-breaking load he carried last year. I fully expect Fisher to put on a show about running the hell out of CJ2K for the first few days of camp, then back off and let the man coast through as much of the preseason as can get away with.

But it's not that easy. As people file out of gramsey's hold-out bomb shelter and readjust to the sunlight, lets make sure we don't mistake this news for a fix. All this has done is delay the ugly part of a contract squabble for 8 months or so. If CJ2K has another year where he's clearly at least in the top 3 running backs in the game, and yo better be hoping he does just that, then he's going to demand one of the biggest contracts in league history. He should demand it, because he's earned it. And in the end I think the Titans will give it to him (for all the guff they take about being cheap, Bud Adams and Jeff Fisher bent over backwards to get McNair and George paid in their prime), but it may be an unpleasant process and it may go right up to the 23rd hour.

For today, though, lets just be happy that these two parties are happy, and get ready to watch one of the most dynamic running backs in NFL history suit up in the two-toned blue. Here's to hoping that 2010 is the year Chris Johnson become the latest legend in a city that's launched a lot of them over the years.