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Sprint Game Changers: Tennessee Titans OC Mike Heimerdinger

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We were all ready to run Mike Heimerdinger out of town after the first six games last season.  Then Vince Young took over and Dinger got creative.  He really seemed to tailor the offense to fit VY's strengths, and the result was an NFL offense.  So for the first time in Dinger's second stint he has a full offseason with Vince as the starter (remember the first offseason this time around VY was taking classes in Austin).  I would expect to see even more innovation in 2010.  That could lead to Mikey being the head coach in Chicago if the Bears don't have a good year as you would have to figure Lovie Smith is on the hot seat.  Heimerdinger makes sense there because of his time in Denver with Jay CUTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111.

OT: DonFrancisco and I named our college intramural softball team The Heimerdingers.  Ask Kayne how good we were.