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Tennessee Titans Morning Links : 99 Days And Counting Edition

Tennessee_titans_30x21Lendale White is allegedly still complaining about how he didn't get a chance with the Titans. Did he expect to be the featured back with the best running back in the league also on the team?I'm so happy we don't have to deal with this anymore.
Tennessee_titans_30x21Keith Bulluck hasn't set any dates to work out for other teams. As he tweeted yesterday, Patriots receiver Wes Welker is already working out after suffering the same ACL injury and having surgery a month earlier than K-Bull.
Tennessee_titans_30x21Just another article urging the Titans to pay Chris Johnson, but this one is one of the more convincing ones I've seen. John Clayton of ESPN makes the case that CJ should get his money because of the short lifespan of a running back and the fact that first round picks at his level usually get raises.

Tennessee_titans_30x21I don't really know why The Tennessean put out a blog post on this, but Kevin Mawae is no closer to a new contract. That's not exactly news. He is coaching at my school throughout the summer, so I don't think he really has any intention in joining OTAs or training camp anyway.

Tennessee_titans_30x21The Yahoo Sports fantasy blog has a feature on the topic we've discussed a few times on MCM, Chris Johnson vs Adrian Peterson. AP's fumbles are barely mentioned in the post.

Tennessee_titans_30x21John Clayton from ESPN ranks Derrick Morgan as the fifth rookie to watch this season. He's going to have a pretty big role here right from the start, and if he leads rookie defensive ends in sacks, I'll be thrilled.

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