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Sprint's Game Changing Player: Titans DT Jason Jones


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If the Titans are going to get their defense back to even serviceable, they are going to need a good season from Jason Jones.  Jones has shown limitless promise in his two seasons, but unfortunately has not show the ability to stay healthy.  He has 9 sacks in 20 games, and we all remember the 3.5 sack with 3 forced fumbles performance against the Steelers in 2008.

We all know that the NFL has become a pass oriented league, and the key to be successful on defense is having a pass rush.  Jones is an undersized DT which is what makes him so good as a pass rusher, but is also what makes him so injury prone (Catch 22- I tried to find a clip of Ryan and Michael's conversation about Catch 22s on YouTube but could not, so instead I will once again link this video which might be the best one ever on YouTube.)

This defensive line is loaded with potential, which is either a really good thing or a really bad thing.  You have the line-up of William Hayes, Jacob Ford, Derrick Morgan, Tony Brown and Sen'Derrick Marks in addition to Jones that all have the potential to be really good players.  The only problem is the words "are almost there" or something along those lines can be associated with each of those players.  It is my opinion that Jones has the most potential of those guys to "change games" in 2010.