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Tennessee Titans Morning Links: Dumb Thoughts From Mel Kiper Edition

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Mel Kiper breaks out his summer audit of each NFL teams roster turnover and how their draft fit into their plans for 2010 and beyond (full article here; must be an In$ider). The only surprise in the Titans' evaluation is that he calls out the interior offensive line play. Apparently he's not too high on the Leroy Harris/Eugene Amano grouping we're entering 2010 with as of now. Of course, his prescription of drafting another tackle and sliding one of our stud tackles (Roos or Stewart) into a guard spot should come with a few extra stamps... because he straight mailed that one in. I mean how do you not comment on the secondary situation?

Tennessee_titans_30x21 LenDale White went on the 3 Hour Lunch radio show with Clay Travis, Blaine Bishop and Jonathan Hutton to talk about almost everything under the sun, but as you may have guessed, the juciest bits are about his relationship with snake in the grass Pete Carrol and White's unceremonious dismissal from the Seahawks. White also talked about the USC suspension and Reggie Bush's NCAA violations. Here was my favorite shot:

I asked this question: "How shocked were you when your old head coach Pete Carroll, a guy I'm assuming you had a lot of trust for after what y'all went through at USC, the success you had, how shocked were..."

White, interjecting: "I don't know about trust. I don't really know about trust. I played for him. There was guys there that I did trust like Todd McNair, Lane Kiffin, even Steve Sarkisian, but some of those other guys, they're just a face. Sometimes they're just a face to an organization."

Follow us through the jump for links from around the league....

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Ross Tucker discusses issues like the proposed 18-game season and Albert's behavior with a bevy of players from around the league to get a taste of what players are thinking about the big stories of the day.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 KFFL's managing editor makes the case for pretty much never drafting a QB in the first round of a fantasy draft. Instead, look for value QBs in  the middle rounds, especially since so many more teams are annoyingly pass happy these days.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Good read here from NFP's Jack Bechta on fixing the dark side of the NFL, especially the agent-related side he witnessed first hand for years. Pretty much everything he says related to agent-disclosure should be included in the next CBA, but of course it won't.


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