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Sprint's Game Changing Players: Tennessee Titans S Michael Griffin


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Michael Griffin excited all of us in his second year.  He looked like he was poised to be a perennial Pro Bowler and an anchor of the Titans defense for years to come.  Then 2009 came around.  Whatever the reason, whether it be off the field personal issues, not trusting the defensive coordinator or lack of a pass rush, Griff had an all around terrible year.  It was so bad that Pro Football Focus ranked him as the worst safety in the entire NFL.

We all know that Griffin is better than he played last year.  Were our expectations a little high after 2008?  Maybe, but I still think he has all of the tools to be an All Pro safety.  This is a big year for him though.  We all know the Titans are at best limited at corner opposite Finnegan, and Griff needs to be good for this defense to have any shot at even being decent.  Here's to hoping he can put it all together again.