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OT: United States vs. Algeria World Cup Open Game Thread

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I figure a lot of us will be tuning into the game this morning because it is arguably the biggest game in U.S. soccer history.  (Full disclosure: I have absolutely no idea if that is actually true or not.  I have just heard a lot of people say that.)  Win and advance.  Lose and go home.  A tie means we have to hope for help.  So discuss the game here.

Also, a topic for discussion (stolen from 104.5 this morning)-  If you took the 11 best professional athletes who are not soccer players and trained them for a year, how would they do against the U.S. World Cup team?  I think they do o.k.  Gramsey thinks I am crazy.  I am not saying they win, or even score, but I am pretty sure they could hold the U.S. team to just a few goals.