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2010 Tennessee Titans Training Camp Battles: Wide Receiver

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Up until this year receiver has been the biggest question mark on the Titans roster for nearly a decade. They have had some players with potential, but they never panned out. Last year most of us feared that would be the case with Kenny Britt, but it wasn't. He actually had a very solid year even when Jeff Fisher refused to put him on the field because he was a rookie. (Hopefully he will get his head on straight before camp.)

Then there was the free agent acquisition of gramsey's boy Hands Washington. He proved that he could stretch the field just like the Titans had hoped he would, but there was one problem- he couldn't catch. Hands was incredibly frustrating at times, but he seems to have the perfect skills to be a really good slot receiver if he can just hang on to the ball.

Justin Gage has shown flashes of being a very solid possession guy, and rookie Damian Williams has all of the physical tools to be a good receiver.

And let us not forget Lavelle Hawkins. Some people ripped me for making The Hawk the subject of a game changing player post a while back, but I still believe he can be a difference maker.

So you have those 5 guys plus Dominique Edison and Marc Mariani competing for 4-6 spots.  Should be an interesting one to watch in training camp.

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