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Chris Johnson Takes His Displeasure with the Titans to Twitter

Chris Johnson has said that he isn't mad at the Titans, but he sure seems to be moving in that direction today. Here are his "tweets" from today:
Just got off the phn w/ my agent & its not gd news I'm feeling lk @Revis24 rt now at least dey offering him something dey not offering me nothing

Its like how u expect ur players to give they all and put their bodies on the line when you not willing to give them what they deserve

How do u wnt player 2 honor their contract but the team dont have 2 honor it. If u dont wnt 2 pay a player early dont cut a player early.

We have known all along that this wasn't going to go away quietly. CJ2K knows he will never have more bargaining power than he does right now because the odds of him repeating last season are extremely slim. This thing is going to extend into training camp, but I still say there is no way he misses any game time.