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2010 Tennessee Titans Training Camp Battles: Linebacker

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How weird is it going to be to see a Titans team take the field without Keith Bulluck on the roster? He has been a mainstay on the defense for nearly a decade, but most of us have come to grips with the fact that his time with the Titans is over. That means someone has to attempt to fill his shoes.

I think we can safely say that Stephen Tulloch will be the middle linebacker. He has shown improvement each year he has been here, and even though he has been away for all of the OTAs to this point, it is his job.

Gerald McRath played well last season when filling in for Bulluck and David Thornton, and one of the outside spots is his to lose.

That brings us to the Thornton issue. He is still on the roster but hasn't been able to stay healthy for very much of the past two seasons. He is a really good player when healthy, but seeing that he still hasn't participated in any OTAs, I think it is highly unlikely that he will be healthy again. I bet he retires sometime between now and when the season starts.


That leaves one outside spot to be occupied by Will Witherspoon, Rennie Curran, Jamie Winborn or Stanford Keglar. My guess is that they are hoping Witherspoon wins the job in camp, but it is far from decided. Keep an eye on Curran. The kid was a playmaker in college. A lot of people have written him off because of his height, but if you can play you can play. He can play. Of course he does run into that pesky problem that we talked about earlier in the week with ATV- He is a rookie so Jeff Fisher hates him.

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