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Tennessee Titans Morning Links : We've Found Our Returner Edition

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Tennessee_titans_30x21David Boclair highlights how the return game has finally started jellin' with the new rookies. Damian Williams, Alterraun Verner, and Marc Mariani have already shown enough skill to bump Mark Jones off the roster, and an Alvin Pearman cut might be soon. Williams was a first team All-Conference returner, and Mariani was a second team All-Conference returner. So knock on wood, but it seems we might have return success this season.

Tennessee_titans_30x21User jeanl0uis points us to this article about the original futbol,  and how Michael Roos is a big fan. He planned to go to South Africa and root for Spain, but he decided it wasn't worth it and plans to stay home and watch. My team is Australia, and I'll be rooting Tim Cahill and the rest of the team on to an even better finish than their Round of 16 finish four years ago.

Tennessee_titans_30x21John Glennon talks about the odds Marc Mariani has faced just making it on the Montana team as a walk-on,where he eventually left the school as the most prolific rusher and all-purpose rusher in school history. He has the right attitude, wanting to prove everyone wrong and make the 53 man roster, but it will be very, very difficult with all of the receivers we currently have.

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