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Music City Miracles Interviews Tennessee Titans Cornerback Alterraun Verner

 ( Jones) Alterraun Verner goes out to defend a ball during Tennessee Titans rookie practices on April 30, 2010.
( Jones) Alterraun Verner goes out to defend a ball during Tennessee Titans rookie practices on April 30, 2010.

I had the pleasure of asking Tennessee Titans fourth round draft pick, cornerback Alterraun Verner some questions. A huge thanks to Alterraun for doing this! Let's start...

MCM: What were your feelings like when you were drafted by the Titans? What was going through your head?

AV: I was super excited when i got drafted by the Titans. I knew it was a possibility, but to have it happen was just so surreal. They are a great organization and I was truly blessed. A lot of things were going through my head, but the main thing was that I made it. Finally!!! 
  How was your rookie mini-camp? What did you think about the Titans coaches?
Rookie mini camp was fun. Getting to know the other rookies and seeing the facilities was sweet. Just going into the locker room and seeing the practice jersey with my name on it was such a treat. Meeting some of the veterans was great too. The coaches were wonderful, as wonderful as a coach can be. They were very patient with us and really eased us in. That might change when training camp hits.   
Were the coaches teaching you anything different than what you were taught at UCLA?
They taught us a little different terminology for defensive calls, but nothing too much. It is relatively the same as what we did at UCLA.
 What inspired you to play cornerback?
Well, I was kinda forced into the position, I played safety and receiver in high school. Then I was told I was really a corner size. So I tried it, for the fact that I just wanted to play college ball anyway I can. So after a few times playing the position I just grew into it through my college career. 
4.17 GPA in high school, huh? What do you think about having the smartest secondary in the NFL, with you and Rhodes scholar Myron Rolle?
A lot of people been making mention of this fact. It is very interesting and exciting to be playing with a "Rhodes Scholar". That man is an inspiration to everyone on how to be a professional on and off the field, but I will try to hold my own with him. 
Do you think you have a good shot of starting across Cortland Finnegan this season? Have the Titans told you about any of their plans for you on the field for this upcoming season?
I think I do have a shot to play opposite Finnegan. It will be all dictated at camp. If I can show up, know the plays and not make mental mistakes. Then I will have a good shot. Will I get it, that's not in my control, but I can make the decision tough. They just told me to come in to compete and prepare for everything. All spots, nickel, outside, dime, special teams, holder, snapper. everything! The last two obviously I am playing around, but seriously just compete for every spot.
Have you been in touch with any Titans veterans since you were drafted?
No I haven't, hopefully I will build relations with vets, during OTAs.
How familiar are you with the Titans? Have you watched them play at all recently?
I am pretty familiar with them. I have been following them since back when they switched over to the Titans from the Oilers. I've always been a fan of their uniforms. I have watched them recently, I mean CJ 28 had 2000 yards rushing, you have to be out of this world not to follow them. 
What can you tell Titans fans that are unfamiliar with your playing style? 
I can tell them that I say I am a pretty complete corner. I don't just excel really well in pass coverage or run support, but I do it all well. I believe I am clutch and play better as the game progresses. I am dependable and I love to play. I am aggressive, but smart on the field. Willing to do whatever needed to help the team win!
Do you think you can bring leadership to this team that have lost a lot of leaders, like you did at UCLA?
I believe I can be a leader as early as this year, even if I do not have a prominent role in the defense. I am a competitor and I am coming to help us win and go to a Super Bowl, and I have a feeling my teammates will be as well. If not, they need to jump aboard while they have a chance!
What do you think about being coached by a former Trojan?
I don't mind at all. I been hearing that he is a class act, so I will enjoy playing for Coach Fisher.
Welcome to the Titans, Alterraun, and good luck!

Follow him on Twitter at @Alvern_1.