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Tennessee Titans Morning Links: Your Daily Dose of VY Edition

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Donn Jones - Titans Online
Donn Jones - Titans Online

Tennessee_titans_30x21Can you believe Nate Washington had just 9 dropped passes last year? It feels like 3 times that, but he's aware of them, and is working hard to fix those drops. If he doesn't get something going soon, his spot will be taken by Damian Williams.

Tennessee_titans_30x21Vince Young could get the 2005 Heisman Trophy if it turns out that Reggie Bush was ineligible due to him receiving money or prizes from a prospective agent. I don't think that VY wanted it this way, but he'll certainly be happy to have it, if the allegations turn out to be true.

Tennessee_titans_30x21Congrats to VY, who has a baby on the way. Who knows what he'll call his child, since he has nicknames for a lot of his teammates.  Maybe Coach Fisher will reel in Leroy "Catfish" Harris as a catch when he lines up at center this season.

Tennessee_titans_30x21This is really a VY filled links. In his celebrity basketball game in Houston, he had the game winning dunk for his team, which was coached by none other than Chris Johnson. Is there anything Vince Young can't do?

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