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Nashville Is Drowning, And LP Field Is About To Flood

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LP Field at about 7:30 tonight, as the Cumberland continues to rise.
LP Field at about 7:30 tonight, as the Cumberland continues to rise.

For our out-of-town audience, who may not know, Middle Tennessee has been pounded with an insane amount of rain over the past two days. Thousands of homes are flooded and the death toll keeps rising. As I type this the Cumberland River is at 50 feet above flood level and continues to rise, even though the rains have stopped. The trouble is that all of the other flooded rivers funnel into the already swollen Cumberland. It's only a few inches away from flooding into downtown and the whole LP Field complex. No one has any idea how the Home of the Titans, or even Music City itself, will look in the morning.

Hopefully, it won't be bad. Emergency services across the region are already stretched thin rescuing stranded citizens, and a football field is correctly lower on the totem pole.

Stay tuned for more (The Tennessean has the latest), and I'll have updates in the morning. If you are a local reader, please sound off in the comments and let us know you're ok. My heart goes out to you guys (and gals!). We haven't had any major problems on our block, but everyone is on edge about the Cumberland because we live about a quarter-mile from the bank, with only a Green Way and a small hill in-between.

I took the picture above ealier this evening; you can see what the river/stadium looks like normally after the jump...