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Music City Miracles Interviews Tennessee Titans Linebacker Rennie Curran

<em>( Jones)</em> 
Titans draft pick Rennie Curran, #38,  gets in a stance instructed by coaches during Titans rookie practices on April 30, 2010.
( Jones) Titans draft pick Rennie Curran, #38, gets in a stance instructed by coaches during Titans rookie practices on April 30, 2010.

I had the opportunity to ask Tennessee Titans third round pick, linebacker Rennie Curran some questions. A big thanks to Rennie! Here we go...

MCM:What were your feelings like when you were drafted by the Titans? What was going through your head?

RC: There is no way to describe the feeling. Pure joy and excitement on top of the feeling of being in a dream. The best part was seeing how happy and proud my family was. 

How was your rookie mini-camp?

Rookie camp was a great experience. I got my first taste of what it will be like as a professional player. The coaches let us know what they expected from us. The practices and workouts gave us a good opportunity to start learning the system. 

What inspired you to play linebacker?

I actually played running back growing up and hated playing linebacker. Once I got to high school I got switched to linebacker and hated it at first, but it grew on me and now I love it. 

You had quite the childhood. Can you tell us an overview?

I am the youngest of three with two older sisters. My family is from Liberia and came here in the 80s. I was born and grew up in Atlanta and moved to Gwinnett County when I was 10, which is when I started playing football. I had a great little league coach that was like a second father. Our record from seven year olds till seventh grade was 61-6. He took me to my first Georgia game, and really helped me to develop into the player I am today. Tried almost every sport growing up, but none of them came close to football. I also started playing the piano at eight, drums around eleven, and viola at at thirteen.

Are you planning on using your NFL profile to help Liberia?

Yep, I would like to give back as much as I can to help Liberians here in American and back home as well not only with my money, but by setting an example and showing people you can do anything you put your mind to. 

What can you tell people about your size, which is relatively small for a linebacker?

Size is definitely overblown because it isn't something you can control. Its all about your mentality and what you have inside. In the game of football, the man who plays the lowest and with the best technique is the one that usually wins, not the biggest man. 

What do you do to overcome your size?

I try to perfect my technique and use leverage, quickness, and strength to my advantage. Just because I am a couple inches shorter than what is supposed to be normal size, does not mean I'm small. I take pride in staying in the weight room and left Georgia with records on the bench and squat with 460 and 615. 

What do you think about having another small linebacker, in Stephen Tulloch, playing with you?

It's great to have another guy around my size because I know if he can get job done, I can too. It's harder for anyone to say that I'll have a hard time playing in the league when they're is already a guy starting that is very productive and having a great career. 

Are you familiar with any other Titans?

I talk to Randall Godfrey, and my former teammates Fernando Velasco and Marcus Howard are there as well. 

What do you think your role on the team will be once the season starts? Have the coaches told you anything?

I'm not sure of what my role will be, but my goal will be to establish the best one possible. [I] hope first of all to earn the respect and trust of my coaches and teammates. 

Who was your favorite NFL player growing up? Who do you compare yourself to?

Because I played running back, some of my favorite players growing up were Marshall Faulk, Michael Vick, TJ Duckett, and Warrick Dunn. As I got switched to defense I started liking guys like Brian Dawkins and Ray Lewis. I like to compare myself to Jesse Tuggle or London Fletcher

You played against your new teammate Javon Ringer in the Capital One Bowl last year. What did you think of him?

He was a good player very explosive and quick. I'm excited to have him as a teammate. I'm sure we will talk a lot of junk to each other. 

Are you excited to see how the athleticism of the SEC prepared you for the NFL?

Very excited. Ive heard many times that the SEC prepares you well for the speed and size in the NFL so I'm ready to see what the differences are and what challenges are ahead.

Have you ever heard of Music City Miracles? (just for you, G)

I have never read about MCM but look forward to reading in the future.

Welcome to the Titans, Rennie, and good luck!

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