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Tennessee Titans Morning Links: Jonathan Crompton As A Round 1 Pick? Edition

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Tennessee_titans_30x21 Russ Lande is a former scout for the Clevland Browns, and now works for a company that pays Mike Florio for his opinion and analysis.  After reading this I can see why the Browns haven't had a good QB in forever:

Jonathan Crompton was called a lot of things during his playing days at the University of Tennessee, some of them not so nice at times.

Now, one draft analyst is calling him the second-best quarterback available in the upcoming NFL Draft. 

"He's my super sleeper of the entire draft,'' said Russ Lande, a former Browns scout who's now an analyst for The Sporting News. "Jonathan Crompton is the No. 2 quarterback in the entire draft in my opinion. I have Bradford (at) one, then Crompton, and then Clausen. And I think Crompton's worthy of a first-round pick.

Son of a... did you see Crompton's first 3.5 years at UT?!??!!! I mean sure he improved a lot in the middle of the season last year, but if you spend better than a 6th round draft pick on this kid you're insane.  At least 3 different times last season I tried to watch Crompton mount a comeback only to have him skip 4 straight passes off the grass, then throw his arms up like it was the receiver's fault!  His situational incompetence is stunning.

Johnathan Cropmton is the most mentally weak football player I've ever seen in my life, and this guy wants to drop a first round pick on him. If Crompton is a first round pick then McKenzie Adams should a hall of famer, and I hate that kid (just ask Jimmy).  Just thinking about this is giving me a brewing brainsplosion.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Paul K takes stock of the Titans draft history and trends under Mike Reinfeldt, and finds that most of our 1-3 round player fit into two categories: workout wonder (see CJ2K; Cook, Jared) or positional coach's infatuation (see Mouton, Ryan; Haynes, William).

Follow us down the rabbit hole...

Tennessee_titans_30x21 One guy who definately falls into the former category is Jason Pierre-Paul, who continues to get paired with us in more and more mock drafts.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Alex Brown was a favorite target for Titans fans who believe we have missed out on good players this off-season, and now he's off the market thanks to a new deal with the New Orleans Saints.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Mel Kiper still says Tim Tebow would make a better H-Back than QB in the NFL, mostly because he's the rare NFL analyst with the testicular fortitude to not just bow before football jesus and pay homage no matter how much Urban Meyer might yell at him. Sometimes conventional wisdom is right (see the 1st link again), and sometimes it's the product of the media and your marketing team, not your coaches.  Playing QB in the NFL all about if you can make the insanely tough throws consistently and create time with your legs.  Tebow can do neither.  That's why I still say he's got a 0.0001% chance of ever becoming a good NFL starting quarterback.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 It could take months before the DA decides whether or not to pursue charges against Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger.  If Ben actually didn't do anything illegal, can you imagine what he must have done to a Terrible Towel to bring on this kind of bad luck?


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