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The Most Ridiculous Titans Mock Draft I Have Seen

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August is busy this morning tending to some off the site issues (which are raising some huge red flags from a character perspective), so I will entertain you with the most ridiculous mock draft I have seen for the Titans to date. 

Click through the jump to see how it played out:

Round 1 Pick #16: Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers


Round 3 Pick #77: Navorro Bowman, ILB, Penn State

Round 3 Pick #97: Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati

Round 4 Pick #111: Jeremy Williams, WR, Tulane

Round 5 Pick #148: Dezmon Briscoe, WR, Kansas

Round 6 Pick #185: Jeff Byers, C, USC

Round 6 Pick #207: Chris DeGeare, OG, Wake Forest

Round 7 Pick #222: Tony Washington, OT, Abilene Christian

Round 7 Pick #245: Cameron Sheffield, DE, Troy

There is absolutely no way the Titans are going Devin McCourty with that pick.  No way.  Especially when you consider that the only defensive ends off the board were Derrick Morgan and Brandon Graham, and that Kyle Wilson was still on the board. There is also the fact that the Titans pass rush was abysmal last season, so McCourty part II could be the greatest corner since Prime Time, but it wouldn't matter because every opposing QB would have a minute and a half to find an open receiver.

The fact that they don't have the Titans taking a defensive end until the seventh round is laugable.

It is also laughable that the Titans would take five six straight offensive players starting with Tony Pike and ending with three straight lineman. Did these guys watch the Titans play at all last season?

I know that the Titans will do a lot of things in this draft that I never saw coming, but there is no shot they go with this strategy.