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Sprint's Game Changing Player: Derrick Morgan

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Derrick Morgan is going to be one of the biggest keys to the Titans success in 2010.  We all know how bad the defense was last season, and a lot of that was due to the fact that there was basically no pass rush.  We have spent a lot of time beating up on the guys in the secondary, and they were bad, but they would have looked a lot better had every opposing QB not had all day to throw.

Enter Captain Morgan.  He was by pretty much all accounts the most complete defensive end in the draft and will have an immediate impact even if he doesn't start because of how heavily the Titans rotate defensive lineman.  If he is able to come in and make an immediate impact everyone from Cortland Finnegan to Michael Griffin will be better.  That is why it is more important to get an impact defensive end in the draft than an impact corner or safety.