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2010 NFL Draft: A Look at the AFC South

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We have spent a lot of time talking about the Titans draft here, so I thought I would take a few minutes and look at what the other teams in the AFC South did in the draft.

The whipping boy of this draft has been the Jaguars.  The funny thing about that is their draft looks a lot like the Titans drafts of the last couple of years, take that for what you will.  They took a defensive tackled at #10 that I didn't see going in the first round in any of the 2,322 mock drafts I looked at.  Now that obviously doesn't mean it is a bad pick, but Jags fans have to be frustrated that the 2 teams behind them were able to trade down but their club couldn't get a deal done.  We appreciate them not taking Derrick Morgan


The other thing that makes it look like a Titans draft is that they only took one player from a BCS school.  Again, doesn't mean they made bad picks, but we have seen that it takes a while for that strategy to pay off.  Those guys may end up being really good players, but it takes a while for them to develop typically.

The Colts took 6 defensive players in their 8 picks.  No real surprise there.  I really like the Jerry Hughes pick, and I am sure that Peyton Manning will make that 5th round tight end one of the greatest tight ends ever.  I am really pumped about that.

I really like what the Texans did with their first two picks.  I think Ben Tate is going to be a stud running back, and that was the biggest hole the Texans had on offense last year.  Their offense will be scary good if he is and the brittle Matt Schaub can stay healthy for the second year in a row.  Aside, is there anyone happier than Schaub that the Titans weren't able to bring in Albert Haynesworth?

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