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2010 NFL Draft The Tennessee Titans Select FAU QB Rusty Smith

Well, I guess the fact the we now only have one RB on the roster who has ever played in the NFL doesn't worry the staff*, because here they go with a complete project at QB; but, at least he's 6'5", 235 lbs with a strong arm.  This one has Dinger's name written all over it. Rusty Smith, (that name sounds like something from a terrible crime novel) is yet another guy who  got ESPN's highest rating for intangibles. The only question is, should Simms or Collins be nervous?

Here are some highlights from the ESPN report:
• Named FAU team MVP in 2008. Took responsibility for poor play during the first half of the 2008 season despite playing hurt and bounced back to finish the season strong.

• Questionable overall poise. Takes too many chances and can throw the ball up for grabs when he feels pressure closing in.

• On the flip side, he is a tough competitor who plays with emotion and is willing to take the big hit if it means completing the pass.

• Ball explodes off his hand but his funky, three-quarter, wind-up release makes it easier for defensive linemen to get their hands up in throwing lanes (ed note: where have I heard that before?).

• Can make all the NFL throws when his technique is sound but he throws off his back foot or flat-footed too often and his arm not strong enough to get away with it.

• While he fights for yards after contact when he scrambles he is not much of a home run threat.
* - That's not a knock on Ringer, but he got no reps last year behind CJ and LenDale.