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2010 NFL Draft The Tennessee Titans Select Georgia OLB Rennie Curran

SEC fans will remember Rennie Curran as the diminutive terror that has patrolled Georgia's second level for the past two years. If he was 2 inches taller, I bet he'd be a mid-2nd rounder at least, but at 5'10" he was knocked as too short even at the college level. Physically (and not just in stature) he reminds me of Tulloch, so I would not be surprised to seem him start out in that same 'MLB who can fill in if needed on the outside' role Tully held before he unseated Fowler. Curran is an early entrant in to the NFL Draft after being named 1st team all SEC in 2008 and 2009.

Curran seems to be a pretty good value at this spot, and should be able to add immediate depth to the linebacking corps. In the long run, I'm interested to see what Dave McGinnis can do with him.

Here are some excerpts from the ESPN report on Curran:

• Marginal height is biggest drawback. Doesn't appear on film to be as fast as projected timed speed. Good bulk for smaller frame but still undersized as an OLB prospect

• Reads keys and locates the ball quickly for the most part. Will take the occasional false step and struggles to recover when he does

• Strong upper body. Delivers a strong punch and can shed blocks quickly. Good balance and stouter than size adjusts but still gets engulfed by offensive linemen and fullbacks on occasion

• Moves well laterally and can slip blocks as scrapes down the line of scrimmage

• Gets good depth and shows adequate-to-good range in zone coverage