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2010 NFL Draft: Conference Call with Derrick Morgan

(on if he is surprised he lasted until the 16th pick)


It happened for a reason. I did think I was the best defensive end in the class, but Tennessee is a great situation for me. Looking at what they do on defense and how their ends get after the quarterback, it's a real ideal situation.

(on the motivation to prove he is the best defensive end in the class)

It is a huge chip on my shoulder and the teams that didn't pick me are going to see that.

(on his impressions of Coach Washburn)

He is a great coach. He is the best friend of the guy that recruited me out of high school, so they were best friends. I have heard nothing but great things from the players down there.

(on where he was bracing himself to go)

I talked to my agent and they had me going a little bit earlier. They definitely didn't think I was going past Tennessee. I felt like I wasn't either just from the relationship I had with the coaches.

(on how long before he becomes a starter)

I want to make an immediate impact. I don't want to take a backseat to anybody. I want to jump right in and get in the mix of things.

(on if he is glad to stay in the South and play close to his college)

I'm glad I stayed on this side of the country. I'm an east coast guy myself, so I'm glad I got to stay on this side.

(on if he is more comfortable on the left or right side)

I don't think it matters. Wherever they need an end, I'm hoping to contribute wherever they need me.

(on what makes him unblockable)

I think my motor. I think I'm always trying to get after it and trying to make a play, so I think that is really what has helped me.

(on if he always had that speed or if he learned it)

Not really. Since day one, the coaches I have had have always told me to go 110 percent every play. That is the kind of attitude I bring to the game.

(on if his teammates didn't like him in practice because of that)

When we go against the offense, it gets kind of crazy. They understand what kind of player I am and respect it.

(on Chuck Smith and how he has helped him)

He was a great asset. He is actually coaching at the University of Tennessee, so I definitely hope to work with him again. He definitely helped to improve my game a great deal.

(on who called to give him the news)

Coach Fisher. He was happy to have me. He said I told you we were going to need some D-line help. I asked them what direction they were going to go and he told me D-line. He said I told you.

(on who is with him in New York for the draft)

I had a lot of my family. I have my mom, my dad, grandparents, everyone is up here.

(on if he knows anyone on the Titans)

I actually don't. I don't know anybody really.

(on his mom and sharing this day with her)

It is great. It has been a long journey. Mom has always been there for me and has been really supportive. I'm glad she could be here to see my dream materialize.

(on if she was scared to have him play football as a kid)

She used to worry, but she knew it was what I loved to do and she always supported me.

(on a great player from the past that he modeled his style of play after)

There is one right now, Jared Allen. I love to watch that guy play and kind of see myself as a similar type of player.

(on Kyle Vanden Bosch and his style of play)

I was watching tape on him down in Tennessee and he never gives up on a play. He is always finishing from the snap until the whistle is blown. His motor is always going.

(on how Vanden Bosch is similar to how he plays)

It is very similar. We have similar styles of play in that aspect and he gets after it, as I do too.