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Sprint's Game Changing Offseason Moves: The Titans Have None

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So Sprint is running a campaign across the SB Nation football blogs about offseason game changing performances. The problem for my portion of this is that the Titans did not make any moves this offseason to date that could be considered "game changing," thus I am going with a hypothetical game changing performance.

There has been a lot of talk about bringing Albert Haynesworth back to Tennessee. The only person that is against that idea is gramsey, and quite frankly, he is crazy. I understand all of the negatives that surround Fat Albert, but if you can get the best defensive tackle on your team for a 3rd round pick and at just over $5 million a year, you would be crazy not too.

Jeff Fisher says he hasn't talked to the Redskins about Albert. If you believe that I have got some ocean front property here in Nashville to sell you. You better believe that there have been talks, and Fisher knows exactly what it would take to get Albert back here. Now the only question is whether or not he is willing to pay that price.

Making this move would free up a lot of things for the Titans at #16. They would no longer have such a huge need at defensive end because Haynesworth makes the guys on the roster a lot better just by stepping on the field. They could still take a DE there if a guy they really liked was there, but they wouldn't be as likely to reach.

It is time for this team to make a "game changing" offseason move. Make it happen Jeff/Mike/Steve/Bud.