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Tennessee Titans Morning Links: Spoiling The Surprise Edition

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Tennessee_titans_30x21 Early news has come out that the Titans are planning to draft C.J. Spiller with their first pick tonight! The hope here is that it frees up LenDale for a trade to the Redskins for you know who.***

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Did I miss this for the past two months (entirely possible), or did The Tennessean really just break out an interactive prospect widget the day of the draft?

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Apparently the big buzz is that mercurial WR Dez Bryant turned a lot of people off in St. Louis by pulling the 'diva' routine'. Though we are spared the details, I'm guessing Bryant was a little sharp on the harmonies and didn't hit his mark. It goes without saying that Bryant is a tremendously talented WR, and in a perfect world his escape from an insanely troubled background would be part of an inspirational story of triumph over adversity. But, the more concerns like this that keep surfacing, the less likely the already slim chance Superhorn and others have of seeing him in two-toned blue tonight. Not saying it's right, just saying it is.

Follow us through the jump to see a 7 round mock and discover the new Madden coverboy....

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Today is a good day to be an ESPN Insider, as they have a draftnik feeding frenzy going on today: there's the latest head-to-head mock between McShay and Kiper (both of which have us taking JPP with players like Kyle Wilson, Joe Haden and Brandon Graham left, btw)), and you have Mel Kiper's final big board, but the real fun comes in Scouts Inc.'s full 7 round mock draft. Here's their rather reasonable/unsexy prediction for us:

16. Brandon Graham, OLB, Michigan

77. Jerome Murphy, CB, USF

97. Patrick Angerer, ILB Iowa

111. Mike Johnson, OG, Alabama

148. Brandon Banks, RS, Kansas State

185. Dekoda Watson, OLB, Florida State

207. Kurt Coleman, DS, Ohio State

222. Blair White, WR, Michigan

241. Kevin Basped, DE, Nevada

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Paul K breaksdown the best case scenarios for each AFC South team. Paul K and I definitely agree that unless they have someone rated off the charts, our best case scenario is to trade back and pick-up a 2nd or early 3rd round pick while still landing in the first round. To that end, you guys should be hoping Jimmy Clausen stays in the green room through those first 15 picks.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Drew Brees is the new cover man for Madden 2011. Word is they're going back to the one-man cover after splitting the honor between Troy Polamalu (major injury in week one) and Larry Fitzgerald (surprisingly un-cursed) last season.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 The Jaguars traded 1st round bust Quentin Groves to the Raiders yesterday (the deal is still pending physicals, but is essentially done) after two full years of suck. I wouldn't expect us to notice his absence on the field this fall except for it'll be one less Jag you see and think 'oh yeah, I thought he was going to be pretty good before the Jags drafted him'... looking at your Mercedes Lewis.

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Just remember to eat some bread before you start drinking in anger tonight after our pick; it won't keep you sober, but it will make your puke fluffy. And if you do get sick, sober yourself up by trying to figure out why there are still fully-formed pieces of food in your yack even though you know you chewed them.  LIttle miracles, man.