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Mike Reinfeldt Talking Trade Regarding Unnamed Player... (COUGHalberthaynesworthCOUGH)

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There are obviously no guarantees, but judging from Jim Wyatt's notes, it sure sounds like Mike Reinfeldt has been talking to someone outside the organization who matters about pre-draft trade activity. Here's what he said in response to questions from the press about Albert Haynesworth:

"He is under contract with another team so I can’t talk about him... You want me to guarantee we’re going to make a trade before the draft? I can’t guarantee that,’’ Reinfeldt said. "We’ll have a number of discussions over the next couple of days and we’ll see where it goes."

Not much to say that hasn't been said before about this situation, other than it's nice to hear someone at Baptist Sports Park not using double-speak for once. It's also nice to hear that they're at least putting in some work on this deal. Sometimes they underestimate how much better we'd feel as fans with at least an acknowledgement that they did some due diligence regarding an available player instead of just dismissing the idea.

At this point I'm inclined to speculate that their are two major hurdles on the road between D.C. and Nashville for Big Albert: no second or high-third rounder, and the Redksins will almost certainly want any trade partner to send over several millions to off-set a little of the $20 million bonus they just paid him a matter of days ago. That being said, there's no cap, and no telling how many chances Bud Adams will get to put on an NFL Championship ring before he passes (ed. note: I'll give ya two guesses as to which finger that bad boy would get sized for). So, if a few million could make the difference in bringing back the most dominant defensive player this franchise has had since the disco era, Bud just might break out the bread.

I'm talking Kenny Powers money, here.  Dollar, dollar bills ya'll...


**UPDATE:  Couple this news with tdtommyd's fanpost about the Redskins' acquisition of D-Lineman Adam Carriker from the Rams and it sure looks like Albert is on the move, and we're in the mix!