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Kyle Vanden Bosch Agrees to a Four Year Deal with the Detroit Lions

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The Boom King just announced on 104.5 here in Nashville that he has signed a 4 year deal with the Detroit Lions.  He said that Jim Schwartz called him at 11:00 and said that he was outside the gate of the neighborhood and that they talked until about 2. KVB also said that Schwartzy told him he expects him to be the same player he was for 2 years ago.  Good luck with that.

Vanden Bosch also said that he never knew where he stood with the Titans- saying they had one conversation before the season but hadn't heard anything since free agency started.  KVB also mentioned that his agent had talked to Jacksonville, Philadelphia, and Seattle.  I am tremendously glad he did not end up with the Jaguars.

While it is sad to see KVB go because he was so much fun to watch play, I can't fault the Titans for not wanting to give him 4 years.