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Chris Johnson's Freestyle Rapping, However, Is Not So G

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White boy gear, but you know I'm still saggin'

- CJ2K


Chris Johnson posted a link on his Twitter account to a song he guest appears on called Green Flag Swaggin.  The rapper's name is Drop, and is based out of CJ's hometown and off-season home of Orlando, Florida. It's an innocuous performance with a couple of funny freestyle lines by CJ, but overall, it's very unremarkable hip-hop for sure. Mos Def and Saul Williams can sleep tight.  Still, it's an interesting glimpse into the man's world.


Also, just to stave off any dumbness in the comments: lets not get outraged like this was a full album CJ2K spent months in a studio doing while he should have been keeping in shape.  Given Pro Tools and an auto-tuner, Jimmy could make this song in a weekend, and he just found out last week that Ice Cube used to be a rapper.


I know it's taboo to say, but NFL players are allowed to have some fun in their off time.