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Titans Give RFA Tenders to Scaife, White, Vickerson,Tulloch, Brown, and Ball

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According to 2 tweets from Adam Schefter here and here, (aside: how in the hell do teams let national guys beat their own websites? has nothing.) the Titans are starting to get busy on the eve of the end of the league year.  All tenders must be issued by tomorrow, March 4th, and Friday will be the beginning of free agency in this bold new world of no salary cap and radically altered free agency rules.

The surprise to me is that Bo Scaife was tendered at all.  He's going to cost us $4.9 million (because he was a franchise player, his tender must be a certain amount over that); that's top 3 TE money for a guy who isn't even a top 15 TE.  Top put his salary in perspective, the value of the franchise tag for TEs is $4.4 million.

Stephen Tulloch received a first round tender.  LenDale White and Kevin Vickerson received tenders which would require a team to give us their 2nd round pick should they offer them a contract and we don't match it.

UPDATE: Tony Brown (1st round) and Dave Ball (2nd round) were also tendered, resulting in every RFA being tendered.