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2010 NFL Draft Boom, Bust or Bleh: Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida

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It is fun to read mock drafts just to see where Jason Pierre-Paul ends up. Some drafts have him going in the top 10 while some have him going late first. He has a boatload of upside, but he is very raw. It could take a couple of years to get him to realize his potential, and that is not what the Titans need in this year's draft.

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b>Jason Pierre-Paul

6'4 3/4, 270 pounds | Defensive end | South Florida

Pass Rush: Pierre-Paul possesses good speed and explosiveness at the snap. Combine that with his excellent size, and Pierre-Paul has the makings of a difference maker at the next level. Where Pierre-Paul is underrated is in his bull rush. When he comes off the snap low, he can power through defenders. Closes incredibly fast and with force. Doesn’t have much of an array of moves. Relies on his first move – usually a power move – to beat blockers. Will need to learn counter moves before he should be relied on at the next level. Despite his excellent potential as a pass rusher, he only managed 6.5 sacks in 2009.

Pursuit: When he goes unblocked, Pierre-Paul displays great pursuit and effort. However, when he gets held up at the line, his effort wanes and he doesn’t continue the play. Flexibility is questionable. Doesn’t have the agility to flip his hips and change direction.

Quickness/Explosion: This is what makes Pierre-Paul such a highly sought after player. He can fire out of his stance with ease to get around the corner. Comes out his stance low, which helps him power around offensive tackles.

Run Defend/Recognition: Pierre-Paul’s game will need heavily refined in this area. Struggles to maintain his assignment and gets pushed around. The South Florida coaches would routinely take Pierre-Paul off the field on obvious running plays. Even though he greatly struggles defending the run, there is something to build on with Pierre-Paul. His length can be an amazing asset here. At times he flashed an ability to chase down and extend his long arms to pull down the ball carrier. Still, he needs to be more consistent.

Draft Countdown scouting report.

Again, it is obvious that the potential is there, and we all know that if anyone can make him reach that potential it is Jim Washburn, but I just don't think the Titans can afford that type of risk heading into 2010.