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Comcast to Sponsor MCM and SB Nation in 2010

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If you were around last season, then you know that Comcast was one of our major sponsors here at Music City Miracles. Well they have recognized the power and reach of the SB Nation NFL blogs and will be back as a sponsor for the remainder of 2010.

Why Comcast? It makes perfect sense. One of the biggest cable providers in the country partnering with the biggest and best network of sports blogs. And NFL fans should love Comcast. The cable provider gives NFL fans football coverage 24/7 - with the NFL Network, the popular NFL Redzone channel on football Sundays, and NFL Network on Demand - which has lots of good stuff including player profiles on the top 100 prospects in next month's draft.

What you will see going forward will be a post or two a week that is sponsored by Comcast - much like the red zone report from last season.   This is a huge deal for SB Nation and will help us grow bigger and better.