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2010 MCM Community Mock Draft

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It's getting close!

Here is a rundown of the teams that have been chosen so far, and who is pickin' for that team.

Let us know in the comments if you want a team that has not been chosen, or if you have changed your mind about participating.

The plan is to have gotitans27 on the clock as soon as we have all the teams filled up!

  1. St. Louis Rams -- gotitans27
  2. Detroit Lions -- Michaeltastic
  3. Tampa Bay Bucs -- WinnipegTitanFan13
  4. Washington Redskins -- crazylegs28
  5. Kansas City Chiefs -- TNTitans
  6. Seattle Seahawks -- TitanFan2K
  7. Cleveland Browns -- ericjosephson
  8. Oakland Raiders -- Knox the Fox
  9. Buffalo Bills -- DonFrancisco
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars -- TattedTI
  11. Denver Broncos -- SoCalTitan
  12. Miami Dolphins -- AGRIFF
  13. San Francisco 49ers -- jmztitans2
  14. Seattle Seahawks -- TitanFan2K
  15. New York Giants -- phildar
  16. Tennessee Titans -- Thunder64
  17. San Francisco 49ers -- jmztitans2
  18. Pittsburgh Steelers -- awjackso
  19. Atlanta Falcons -- Kayne
  20. Houston Texans -- vancouverTITAN
  21. Cincinnati Bengals -- Pinoy Titan
  22. New England Patriots -- T--Rac's Posse
  23. Green Bay Packers -- SoCalTitan
  24. Philadelphia Eagles -- King Titan
  25. Baltimore Ravens -- I'm a black belt in karate, HI HI!
  26. Arizona Cardinals -- zap93
  27. Dallas Cowboys -- Oilersborn
  28. San Diego Chargers -- bull4real
  29. New York Jets -- August West (Ed. note: REX RYAN LOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  30. Minnesota Vikings -- SuperHorn
  31. Indianapolis Colts -- StupidFresh11
  32. New Orleans Saints -- nathangouge

Some things to remember:

  • We will be doing two rounds of the draft.
  • Please make sure that the email address listed on your profile is correct so that I can get in touch with you.
  • Please be prepared to give us a few sentences on why you chose the player you chose. Do some research!
  • I will be posting the picks as soon as you make them and I get the email. The speed of our draft will depend on the picker!
  • titansfan4ever is picking for the Panthers...but not until Round 2!
  • Only three teams left! If there are more than 3 people who still want to participate, we will take the second team away from the ones picking for 2.