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Tennessee Titans Morning Links: Post-Super Bowl Coverage/Haterade Edition

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Tennessee_titans_30x21 Drew Bress won the MVP of the Super Bowl after breaking the record for most competitions in the big game, and I couldn't be happier for the people of New Orleans.  This doesn't finish rebuilding the lower parishes and 9th Ward (you know, the places white people don't visit enough to warrant real repair results) or get everyone out of those formaldehyde-ridden FEMA trailers, but it gives that community another reason to bond together and take pride in their city after a lot of bad breaks.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Peyton Manning played three very strong quarters, even if the Colts didn't have the points you'd expect as a result, but in the end he, in the words of Eddie Izzard, slowly collapsed like a flan in a cupboard.  There's not doubt the man is still one of the all-time greats, but the list of disappointing losses to end unbelievable seasons is getting mighty long for Mr. Manning.  Now it'd be disingenuous to blame all of those losses on Peyton, but at what point do we acknowledge that he overcomes those deficits in the regular season, but not when it counts (unless playing a team lead by the likes of Rex Grossman)?

Tennessee_titans_30x21 The Saints' victory should only count as a total shock to people who don't really watch football (see: King, Peter) or remember Peyton outside of the 2006 season.  Otherwise what's so shocking about a 13 win team beating a 14 win team helmed by a notorious choke-artist?  Especially when that 13 win team had a tougher road through the playoffs?

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Tennessee_titans_30x21 Bress-us has to be counted among the best in the NFL right now after winning the Super Bowl.  Don't forget that he had a great season where he lost the MVP pretty much only because of how poorly Peyton's back-up played.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne showed how deep their dedication to sportsmanship runs by scurrying into the locker room without the traditional handshakes with the victors.  I'm half-way kidding here, as there's a pretty good chance they couldn't find Brees or Sean Payton in the chaos that occurred as time ran out... heck the Saints with the Gatorade bath in hand could barely find their coach. 

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Manning did give credit to Porter for jumping that route.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Almost lost in the flurry of stories this morning is hearty congratulations to the new Hall of Fame class, which is headlined by Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith and Dick Lebeau (who should make the HOF twice, as a player and a coordinator, when it's all said and done).