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Tennessee Titans Morning Links: Time To Play What Could Have Been Edition

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Tennessee_titans_30x21 Gregg Williams was offered the defensive coordinator position after the departure of Jim Shwartz, but turned it down after Bud Adams refused to hire Williams's son as an assistant coach  Apparently, this is an established rule within the Titans organization (and one I agree with, as nepotism almost never works-out well and can create a toxic situation if the person isn't highly qualified), so it shouldn't be taken as a shot against Williams' son, Blake.  Blake, who attended Brentwood Academy, is now an offensive assistant in New Orleans.  Williams says that he may end-up retiring to the Nashville area once his days in the league are done.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Williams also commented on Chuck Cecil, whom Williams coached in 1995 when he was a defensive assistant, and assured we Titans fans that Chuck will do just fine:

"You have to go through a transition,’’ Williams said. "I think they had to go through a transition but they really, really improved from the bye week on and did a great job. I think Chuck will do a great job.

"Just like me, Chuck became a better coach when all those guys got healthy. It was the same way with me. But I think the world of Chuck and I think he’ll be a great defensive coordinator. He was one of the favorite players I coached.’’

Follow us through the jump for links on Marshall Faulk discussing CJ2K and a possible solution at back-up QB...

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Terry McComick throws out a possibility that I dig: if Kerry retires, gets cut over money or leaves for better shot at a staring spot, could Chad Pennington be a goood fit at back-up QB?  I'm an avowed Pennington fan since he came out of Marshall, and if his shoulder checks-out (which is a BIG if), I'd be ecstatic to see him back-up VY.  Pennington has seen it all in the league and is one of the smarter QBs to pay in years.  He's always been one of those guys that makes-up for the lack of velocity in his throws by having superb intelligence, feel and timing.  He is also very good at doing something that VY will need to constantly work on: playing within his own limitations and maximizing on his unique strengths.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Marshall Faulk isn't terribly happy with the fact that he lost his yards from scrimmage record, but he takes some solace in the fact that he lost it to the best back in the league.  Faulk also makes a good comment that I really hope CJ2K is listening to:

He was the best back in the league this year... Each year it changes, and he has to keep working.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 This one's for you, gramsey.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 For some reason Coach Fisher was contacted by Chicago media and asked about their hire of Mike Martz (Vandy fan moment: AWESOME! JAY CUTLER IS VANDY JESUS, AND HE SHALL FORGIVE ALL YE WHO NAY SAY.), of which he glowingly approved.  Apparently Martz has been a big fan of Cut-daddy's since the 2006 draft combine, when he called Jay the best prospect of the past decade.  If they can get him some receivers, Vandy North will be fun to watch this year. 


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