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2009 Tennessee Titans Roster Review: Wide Receiver

For this roster review we will do something that Jeff Fisher refused to do this season- start with Kenny Britt.

Receiving Kickoff Returns
14 42 701 50.1 16.7 57 3 24 523 21.8 56 0

Britt had easily the best season by a Titans rookie receiver ever (even though Fisher refused to start him).  He is the perfect receiver for Vince Young because he is big and physical and can go get a ball that might be a little bit off target.  All you really need to know about his rookie campaign is this:

Hopefully next year he will actually get to start and won't be required to return kicks.

Justin Gage turned in another solid season after struggling with some drops early in the year.


G Rec Yds Y/G AVG Lng TD
10 28 383 38.3 13.7 49 3

Gage is never going to put up eye-popping numbers, but he has emerged as a solid #2 in his time here.  Much like Britt he is a big receiver who can go up and get the ball.  I am excited to see what a full season of Gage and Britt on the outside with Vince Young throwing them the ball can bring.

Then there was Nate Washington.

G Rec Yds Y/G AVG Lng TD
16 47 569 35.6 12.1 35 6

If you watched the games this season you realize those numbers don't tell the full story.  Sure the 6 TDs were nice, but that number would have a lot higher were he able to actually catch the football.  "Hands Washington," as gramsey affectionately calls him, left a lot of yards on the field this season.  Hopefully next year the coaches will use him where he is the most effective- in the slot. 

The only other receivers on the active roster are Lavelle Hawkins and Dominique Edison.  The Hawk produced this year when he was on the field, and I would love to see what he could do with more opportunities.  Edison bounced back and forth between the practice squad and active roster during the season.  He is a guy that showed some potential in the preseason.  Maybe he can make some noise in camp this summer.

The good news here is that for the first time in as long as I can remember, wide receiver is not really a need position for the Titans.  They have an emerging star and some solid players at the position.