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TITANS GM MEETS WITH BULLUCK'S AGENT... Trumpeting of the angels heard in the distance

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Jim Wyatt is reporting that Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt and Keith Bulluck's agent, Gary Wichard, met at the NFL Combine, where Mikey let him know that the Titans are interested in keeping KB a Titan; just as the football gods intended him to be. Wichard's response was a little cold, but considering how silent the team has been you have to expect that:

"We are going to keep an open line of communication throughout the free agency process,’’ Wichard said. "We will figure this out when it is time to figure it out, the way most deals work. They are interested in keeping him and we’ll see the end result..."


"It doesn’t matter how many times we talk,’’ Wichard said. "I am going to keep an open line of communication with Mike and we will see what happens. And I will be very forthright and upfront with everything and until that time comes to make a deal, then one will be made.


"Keith Bulluck will be lining up in 2010 at the outside linebacker position for .. fill in the blank. I know that part is a done deal, but the rest of it is up to all the people involved"

Now, of course, this doesn't mean the deal gets done, but it's the first real movement in the right direction we've seen all year. At least now the franchise is talking seriously and openly about brining back it's defensive leader and longest-tenured player.

Little miracles, people. That's what life is all about.