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Tennessee Titans 2009 Roster Review: Running Backs

Rushing Receiving
G Rush Yds Y/G Avg Lng TD Rec Yds Y/G Avg Lng TD
2009 - Chris Johnson 16 358 2006 125.4 5.6 91 14 50 503 31.4 10.1 69 2

Chris Johnson's 2009 wasn't just a season, it was a force of nature: it was a hurricane that supported a tornado in its eye... a tsunami made of sweat and unkempt dreads and the NFL's best buccal-grill.  

If you got a good look at Chris Johnson on Sundays last year, it probably meant our feeble defense was on the field trying to cover for Nick Harper's refusal to spring for a Hoveround, because between the lines the man was a blur.  Defenders would give-up on a play as soon as he streaked through the second level.  I swear a few times the opposition's extra point unit was on the field before CJ crossed the goal line.

Now lets put this remarkable season in some context:

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• NFL's Offensive Player of the Year

• Became only the 6th player out of the thousands in NFL history to surpass 2,000 yards rushing

• Broke Marshall Faulk's total yards from scrimmage record, and if that long run in Seattle isn't called back, probably elevates it to the point that it's unbreakable

• Only unanimous first team All Pro for 2009

• At 358 carries and 50 receptions, CJ2K lead the team in rushes and receptions.  Sure, his carry total was high, but it was still the 3rd lowest for a RB who crossed 2,000 yards

• 3 touchdown runs of 85+ yards in one year; no other RB in the history of the NFL has totaled so many in a career. He won the 

Now what's really crazy, and I mean just unbelievable, is that CJ did all of that after a somewhat slow (by comparison) start to the season!  During the 0-6 start CJ had four games where he didn't break 100 yards, including 57 yards in the opener at Pittsburgh and 34 yards against the Colts.  Not that it was all his fault, but imagine if CJ gets a few more breaks in those games: he may have broken Dickerson's record in week 15.

As for LenDale White and Javon Ringer, both promising young backs who will most likely have long and successful careers in one capacity or another in the NFL, they did exactly what they were asked to do: squat.  Ringer totaled 8 carries on the year and LenDale totaled 64.  Between them they logged exactly 0 carries that mattered, but why in the world would you sit down the best back in the NFL?