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Your 2010 NFL Defensive Unrestricted Free Agent List

National Football Post published the full list of unrestricted defensive free agents this morning.  It is pretty slim pickings since the CBA is no longer in existence- with most of the players being older because the service time to become an unrestricted free agent being increased, but there are a couple of guys that would help the Titans:

Packers DE Aaron Kampman- The Packers switched to a 3-4 this past season and in doing so moved Kampman from end to linebacker.  He struggled in that role but would obviously be a DE with the Titans.  Kampman averaged 12+ sacks in the three seasons prior to the switch.  He turned 30 in November so he could have a couple of good years left in the tank.

Bears DE Adewale Ogunleye- Ogunleye is a solid pass rusher who has an awesome name.  He turns 33 in August but is still a solid pass rusher.  He is not a guy you would want to give a long term deal, but he could come in and help this team in 2010.

Panthers DE Julius Peppers- Peppers is the youngest of these three and the best.  The reason I haven't listed him until now is that he is going to get silly money, and we all know that isn't coming from the Titans.

Cardinals LB Karlos Dansby- Much like Peppers, Dansby is going to command a boatload of money, but acquiring Dansby would make the what seems inevitable departure of Keith Bulluck a little easier to handle.  Unfortunately it will probably be lose/lose for us on that one.

It is a safe bet that 85% of the corners on that list are better than what the Titans ran out there last season.  Of course all of this is a moo point because the Titans will sign a couple of C level free agents and tell us the way to do it is to build through the draft.  While I agree with that idea, you still have to be willing to supplement your drafts with solid players, and you have to stop wasting high round draft picks.