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Tennessee Titans Morning Links: Did The Titans Drunk-Dial Kyle Vanden Bosch? Edition

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Tennessee_titans_30x21 Apparently after The City Paper reported that the Titans were seeking to re-sign Boom King, KVB's agent contacted The Tennessean to and told everyone to cool their jets real quick.  Not sure if this is posturing for negotiations, or if Reinfeldt made some kind of late night drunk dial with football/booty call implications.  Here's the word from KVB's agent:
"We talked. It’s no big deal, no story. We simply said hello, how are you? And he told us they liked Kyle. I do, too. But that’s it.’’
The it got awkwardly quiet and The Titans started sobbing, saying 'you used to say you loved us; what happened to that?  Why does this always happen to us????'

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Now that Heinrich's retirement is official, the pressure is on for Brett Kern. Kern finished the year strong, and Heintrich has given him a full endorsement to take over his duties full-time. Still is taking care to keep the right mindset:
"Still, I know nothing is ever guaranteed. Just because Craig retired doesn't mean the job is automatically mine or anything. They are probably going to bring somebody in to compete, and I still have to go out there and win the job. But I feel comfortable with where I am … and I want to be one of the elite punters in the league. I plan to work hard.''
Tennessee_titans_30x21 If you're in the Nashville-area this weekend, there's only one place to be: 104.5 The Zone's inaugural SportsFest.  Admission is $5, and one of the key events will be a reunion of the primary three participants of the Music City Miracle, Lorenzo Neal, Frank Wycheck and Kevin Dyson.  There's a ton of other good stuff going on, and you won't get a better fan-fix in late February anywhere.

Follow us through the links for more on the draft and the mayor or Chokeville...
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Jim Wyatt predicts the Titans will take Carlos Dunlap with their first pick in the draft, saying he's a bigger and stronger version of Kearse. I happen to fear Dunlap's baggage and suspect motor more than Wyatt, but Dunlap could still prove to be a talent that's just too good to pass on there.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 NFP's Wes Bunting breaks-down the All-Combine snub team, which is lead by possibly-but-mot-really-ovverratted Vols QB Jonathan Crompton.  Other notables include Alabama RB Ryan Upchurch, former-Vol wash-out Lamarcus Coker, Vol LB rico McCoy (how the hell did he not get invited to the combine?) and former LSU numbskull/super-recruit QB Ryan Perrilloux.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Don Banks defends the legacy of the Mayor of Choke-ville, Mr. Chokey McChokington.   Does that once-again Farvian break-down mean he's less than one of the greatest to play the game for a dome before it gets cold, of course not.  But if you're going to spend all season saying that the Super Bowl is the only thing that matters, you best damn-well be ready to be judged by your results in said game.  I mean, how can I give you respect for regular season performances when your own team says the regular season isn't only a means to an end?

Have a great weekend!