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Around The AFC With SB Nation

Site Note: During the slow period of the offseason gramsey will be doing Around SB Nation on Tuesdays and Thursdays in lieu of Titans links.  The Around SB Nation will shift to later in the day around the draft and once training camp starts.  Enjoy. -Jimmy


Stampede BlueStampede Blue's shake and bake turns in his first edition of the Colts' draft board with solid info on a multitude of prospects.

Big Cat CountryBig Cat Country addresses the rumor that the Jags are interested in Eagles' backup Kevin Kolb.

Battle Red BlogBattle Red Blog revisits the trade that brought the Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.

We continue our trip around the AFC and SB Nation after the jump... 


Cincy JungleCincy Jungle asks "Who are we? And what can we do better?"

Dawgs By NatureDawgs By Nature has an ongoing series on how to outsmart the NFL Draft.

Buffalo RumblingsBuffalo Rumblings discusses giving the starting qb job to Trent Edwards.

Gang Green NationGang Green Nation has a scouting report on Longhorn Sergio Kindle. See what you think Texas fans.

Silver And Black PrideSilver and Black Pride opines that it is time to go back to the 3-4.

Arrowhead PrideArrowhead Pride has the latest in an ongoing series of greatest Chiefs by number.


InhistoricInhistoric has a look at a feel good story that occured on February 15th, 2006.

Mocking The Draft looks at six stars who will affect the draft.


Over the MonsterOver The Monster takes a shot at predicting who the leadoff man will be for your 2010 Boston Red Sox.