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Tennessee Titans Morning Links: Let The Free Agenting Begin Edition

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Keith Bulluck, the best linebacker in the AFC South, will receive the Community Spirit Award on February 23rd.  The award acknowledges all of the charity work Bulluck has done in the Nashville community.  There's reason #432,001,056 the front office needs to get this deal done, ASAP.  Also, stay tuned to MCM for some exciting content on Keith Bulluck later today...

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Except for a few cases, fans across the league can expect progress on contract talks to be very slow over the next month due to the questions regarding the future of the salary cap and the CBA.  One of those exceptions is left guard Eugene Amano, who confirmed on Friday that he's been in preliminary talks with the Titans regarding a new contract.  The former 7th round pick is one of two players on the line who are currently headed for free agency (the other being C Kevin Mawae), and he may be the more likely to come back since the team has been grooming Leroy Harris for a while now.  Signing Amano would definitely decrease the number of positions the front office would need to fill this off-season, allowing them to focus on areas where there aren't capable players on the roster. (H/T to King Titan, who had this in the fanshots on Friday)

Follow us through the jump for Native American curses and RFA news....

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Kevin Vickerson, who will be a RFA if there's no new CBA, is the newest client for super-agent Drew Rosenhaus.  He joins LenDale White, Bo Scaife and Stephen Tulloch as Titans who have recently chosen to go with Rosehaus. 

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Well folks, you can forget about the terrible towel curse.  Seems like our occasional bad luck can be blamed on the fact that a Native American burial ground was disturbed during the building of LP Field.  At least if we have ethereal baggage hanging over our franchise it comes from an honor honorable people, not Steelers fans.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 The fact that there's even the appearance of debate as to whether Cortland Finnegan is one of the top two cornerbacks in the AFC South is hilarious.  If you want to figure that out, just ask the WRs he drives insane twice a year, they'll let you know for sure.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 It's a sad state of affairs if you think this constitutes news.  I mean, I'm linking you to the PFT story because I absolutely refuse to give TMZ a single hit that I can help. What does that tell ya? I'd encourage you to do the same (unless you're stunned that VY and CJ might have had a few drinks and done nothing of note during NBA All-Star weekend in Dallas).  Instead, lets take this opportunity to crap all over Mike Florio's inane commentary:

Look, the guy is allowed to be young and have fun.  But anyone who assumes that Young is ready to be a consistently excellent quarterback at the NFL level really hasn't been paying close attention -- or talking to anyone who got a chance to observe Young's overall football intellect at the Pro Bowl.

Yup.  That's Mike Florio demeaning someone's football intellect.  Just let that sink in.  That's like Kanye West commenting on someone's arrogance, or BBS calling someone a weak-willed hypocrite for slamming media members semi-anonymously online, then brown-nosing them in person.


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