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Music City Miracles Interviews Tennessee Titans Linebacker Keith Bulluck

Bulluck's Blog Gameball goes to Music City Miracles, but the ball is now in Mike Reinfeldt's hands to keep this man.
Bulluck's Blog Gameball goes to Music City Miracles, but the ball is now in Mike Reinfeldt's hands to keep this man.

I had the pleasure of asking Tennessee Titans linebacker (and MCM reader) Keith Bulluck some questions. A huge thanks to Keith for doing this! Let's start...

How is your knee rehab coming this offseason?

My rehab is coming along well, on schedule to start opening day for someone's team. The hardest part was after surgery when I couldn't do things on my own, but Nurse Betty took great care of me.

How much more do you think you still have left in the tank for the future?

I don't like to put limits on things especially my career, so I'm gonna just let it play out. The way I was playing before the injury may give you a slight indication of how much I have left in the tank.

What do you think of next year's Titans defense?

I honestly don't think anything of next year's Titans defense. I'm not on their roster right now so it doesn't concern me.

Do you expect an improvement?

If I'm not playing with the Titans next year I hope the defense does improves, they have some players. I know those guys want to win and work hard everyday.

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What inspired you to play linebacker?

There was absolutely no inspiration whatsoever for me to play linebacker. I went to Syracuse as a strong safety wanting to become the next Ronnie Lott, and left as the 30th pick overall at outside linebacker for the Titans. Still mad about position switch, but I'd say it worked out.

In your ten seasons with the Titans, what is your favorite memory?

In my ten seasons with the Titans I've collected a lot of memories, some good, some bad. There are plenty...the one that stands out in my mind at the time is the 2003 season. It was my first year as a starter. We started off 1-4 (won the first, lost the next four) and went to the AFC Championship but lost to the Raiders. In that one year I saw how bad and good things could be in one season. I am still cool with a lot of those fellas. That was a team that was down but never out. I know for a fact that every week we stepped on the field, even when we were losing, we were gonna kick somebodies ass...The Tennessee Tyrants were born.

What did you think about Coach Chuck Cecil's coaching this season? How hard was it to change from Jim Schwartz's style?

I think Coach Cecil did a good job as a first year coordinator. He had a lot to learn about his defense and we had to learn his coaching style in a short amount of time. Position coach to defensive coordinator isn't as easy of a transition that most would think, for players or coaches. We went through some rough patches with Schwartz defensively until we started to have success.

How much time have you spent mentoring the young Titans linebackers?

I don't know how much time I spend mentoring the young linebackers. I mean, I definitely give assistance when needed in the classroom or on the field. We've always had a smart group of linebackers since I've been here. I'm a vocal person and will ask questions even if I know the answer so maybe a younger guy can pick up on it. In our linebacker room we don't hold anyone's hand, you've gotta be a professional about your work. We kinda always taught by committee anyway, and of course Dave McGinnis (Titans linebacker coach) got us prepared for anything every week.

In the event that you move on from the Titans, do you think they will be able to manage by themselves?

Yes, of course those guys will be able to manage by themselves if I'm not here. I wouldn't expect anything less from a Titan linebacker.

Who was your favorite player in the NFL growing up as a kid? Who was your favorite team?

Ronnie Lott and Bo Jackson were my favorite players growing up. My favorite team was Joe Montana's 49ers and the Cowboys until after the Big Three won their first ring.

Would you be open to being placed under a franchise tag for next season?

I would be open to the franchise tag because it would allow me another opportunity to win a championship with the only NFL team I have been on.  I'm not holding my breath though.

Again, thanks to Keith for doing this. Follow him on Twitter at @kbull53. Note to the Titans : Resign this man!