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Chris Johnson Wants to Be the Highest Paid Back in NFL

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And who can blame him really?  He is coming off arguably the best season ever by a running back, but what I love about CJ is that he says it won't be an issue:

"Hopefully they’ll want to give me a new deal. I think I deserve to be the highest paid running back in the league, or even the highest paid offensive player besides the quarterback,’’ said Johnson, who scored the game-winning touchdown in Sunday night’s Pro Bowl.


"But it’s not like I am not going out in the media saying, ‘Pay me, I want a new deal now.’ I am just saying, if they were to pay me, I want that. Hopefully they want that, too.

Wyatt's article goes on to talk about the contracts of Steven Jackson (5 year, $48.5 mil), Maurice Jones-Drew (5 year, $31 mil), and Clinton Portis (6 year, $49.1 mil).  When looking at those numbers it is easy to see that CJ, who signed a rookie deal worth $12 million, has outperformed his deal, but if I were him I wouldn't be holding my breath for the Titans to pay him.  They are going to keep him under that rookie contract as long as they possibly can.