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Colts vs. Titans: 5 Questions with Mgrex

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Mgrex was nice enough to answer some questions about his Colts for us.

The popular question is what is wrong with Peyton Manning? My question: Is there really anything wrong with Peyton or is this just a result of the guys he is currently playing with?

Manning is pressing more than normal, but I think that is a direct result of the guys playing around him. He has to have a certain level of trust with the receivers, and everyone that he trusts, except for Reggie Wayne, is hurt: Dallas Clark, Joseph Addai, Austin Collie, Anthony Gonzalez. He's having a hard time trusting all the new guys, and it's showing. Once he stops pressing, and realize his teammates aren't terrible, he'll get back to playing like Manning.

What is the biggest match-up you think the Titans will be able to take advantage of?

Kenny Britt vs. Jacob Lacey. Lacey is probably the 4th best CB on the roster, Jerraud Powers is on IR, and Kelvin Hayden is out with a Neck injury. I'm guessing Justin Tryon, who I think is a better CB than Lacey, will be matched up on Randy Moss. Lacey will undoubtedly have help over the top on deep balls, but is the new king of the 9 yard cushion. The Titans can throw 7 yards out all the way down the field if they'd like.

What is the biggest match-up you think the Colts will be able to take advantage of?

Jacob Tamme vs. Titans LBs. Tight Ends have had huge days against the Titans defense, and I'm guessing tonight will be no exception. The Colts have almost given up on big plays down the field, and the Titans are really good at preventing the big play (2nd in NFL in Yds/Play). That means lots of TE routes 7-12 yards down the field.

In the wake of all of these injuries has anyone stepped up that has surprised you?

Pat Angerer is really good, and being able to switch between MLB and SAM, without ever playing at OLB, has been a great surprise. He's 2nd on the team in tackles, and didn't play at all until Week 6. With Gary Brackett battling nagging injuries all year (turf toe), having Angerer step in and play like a veteran has been great.

Write the headline in tomorrow's Tennessean.

"Manning Loses The Interceptions, Wins On The Road 31-17"